Thursday, 14 March 2013

fishing roads make brain relaxation

Fishing on the river next to the air force academy yogyakarta, March 12, 2012 yesterday, me with my friends fishing on the river. The place is quite comfortable and certainly with the comfort that I can momentarily forget the flood of emotions. I think it worth the try when in a bad mood so bad melkuan fishing in a comfortable place like this place.

I want to write on this blog, not where I was fishing, but the comfort that we get when fishing in the wild and satisfaction to our hearts. Indirectly, with our already too full of activities, we need to need to rest for just a moment to cool the brain. And the appropriate place for quiet brain is in nature, such as rivers, lakes, beaches.

And not just belibur but there should be other activities, such as fishing, because fishing can make our brains for relaxation. That way there will be a balance in our brain that has been working for days.

Hopefully, my experience, it also can be felt all blog writers. Congratulations find peace glittering lure. And do not forget the experience of fishing companions also share the blog author.

Fishing roads make brain relaxation

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