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10 best island in Asia, in 2012

Indonesia Travel Information and Travel Guide: 10 best island in Asia. In 2012, an international Travel magazine released 10 Islands in Asia for the year 2012 version of the reader. This island has a unique , in addition to having outstanding natural beauty and tourist facilities were super full.

There are at least seven criteria on which the assessment of the best island in Asia in 2012, the following criteria:
  1. Scenery - Scenery or landscapes
  2. Friendliness - hospitality of its inhabitants to the tourists
  3. Ambience - atmosphere or it may refer to the character and uniqueness of the place
  4. Beaches - The beach beauty
  5. Activities - Variety of activities that can be done
  6. Lodging - lodging facilities such as hotels, resorts and villas
  7. Restaurants - Facilities dining and culinary tourism
And the most proud of is the inclusion of two islands in Indonesia in the 10 best island in Asia, the island of Bali and Lombok. Even the island of Bali was chosen to be the best with the first rank while Lombok island perched at number 9. Indeed, two island attractions is no doubt to her beauty, as well as all the tourist facilities are available well in both islands.
Pucket in Thailand and Langkawi Also in the list of best island, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines contributed two best and satulagi island located in Japan. Here's a complete list of 10 Best Island in Asia traveling magazine Conde Nast Traveler Newsletter (CN Traveler) in 2012

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