Monday, 27 May 2013

Best Beaches In Bali Island The Mandatory Visited !

Indonesia Travel Information and Travel Guide: Best Beaches In Bali Island The Mandatory Visited !.there are 10 best beaches on the island of Bali which is obligatory for a visit when there is an opportunity for traveling to Bali. Curious what are the 10 best beaches in the island of Bali that? The following ten best beaches on the island:
Virgin Beach Bali INdonesia
Virgin Beach
 In the first position falls on beaches in the northeastern part of the island of Bali, or in Karangasem regency precisely. The beach is better known among foreigners as Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach is indeed worthy of being the number one beach in the island of Bali. The water is very clear, and turquoise shades of his very beautiful beach. Too bad if you've never visited the Virgin Beach.

Balangan Beach
The second is the beach Balangan Beach. Because this is for beach beach beach among the most comfortable atmosphere - another Bali beach. Balangan beach is characteristic there are many coconut trees at its edge. Additionally BALANGAN waves on the beach are pretty good for surfing.

Bingin beach
Bingin beach got 3rd position. Bingin beach worthy to be called as a one stop center to enjoy the beach. Why? because at this beach you can do some activities such as surfing, or swimming when it receded.

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