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Celebrating New Year's favorite places in Indonesia

Indonesia Travel Information and Travel Guide: Celebrating New Year's favorite places in Indonesia. New Year's Eve is a special moment for most people, spent New Year's Eve is always a mandatory annual agenda. Identical evening with fireworks. So wherever Favorite place for the traveler to Merakan moment of the year.
This is a place that you can try to celebrate the new year.

Jakarta. As the Capital City of Indonesia Jakarta certainly is the ultimate place to celebrate the new year, a variety of activities from Start the fireworks until the top artists concerts every year is always held.
The main venue celebration of the new year in Jakarta usual centered in Monas, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Bali. No doubt bali is the region with the most complete travel fasilatas in Indonesia and a most convenient location to celebrate the new year. Almost all places in Bali provides a feast of the new year. The main location of the celebration of the new year in bali kuta beach usually is deng concept outdoor party along the beach and of course fireworks.
For those of you who want to celebrate the new year in bali advised to book hotel or lodging away - far today, since the New Year and Libura Christmas is the busiest time in Bali and certainly will be very full.

Bandung. Although not sesejuk London used to be but still a favorite to celebrate the new year. Some favorite locations passing moment at the turn of the year such as Dago Bandung and Square - London square.
Alun - London is a major Alun New Year celebrations in Bandung, Jalan includes braga, Merdeka building and verandah.
The second location is Dago, Dago usually around a lot of spots that provide entertainment ranging from concert band to the celebration of the party's top fire flower, certain streets around Dago will total Jams advised not to bring vehicles to the moment when celebrating the New Year in this area.
In addition to Dago and Square - Square of the best places in Bandung merayan new year is Field tegal relief, Lembang, and Bukit Bintang dago above. Even Jalan Bukit Bintang Layang Pasupati and can be made in the most beautiful spot to watch the fireworks, because of the good weather this place if we could see the sights around bandung perfectly.

Makassar. Losari is the most crowded locations dunjungi citizens to serve as a location for the new year celebrations in Makasssar. As one of the most important cities in the eastern part of Indonesia Makassar always be in the spotlight every year during the celebration of the new year.
What is interesting is Balinese celebrate the first moments of the year because of Makassar in Indonesia the Central Time Zone (PST) so 1 hour earlier than Jakarta.

That's a bustling tourist spot when the new year, hopefully could be a reference for you to celebrate the new year.

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