Sunday, 24 February 2013

One night at the "post office" Yogyakarta

As usual, the evening events, when the next day did not go to college. For tonight, I and friends of mine, Yogyakarta around town and stopped at the "post office" Yogyakrta,. Just to simply relax, enjoy the beautiful night in the city of Yogyakarta.

Many people, who used to hang out here, just to share, or to photo-photo perpetuate their memories at this Yogyakarta city. Beautiful indeed, this place when the night comes. From various angles visible city lights are lit, and some cities are no less ornate cool it installed on a street corner.

Actually, not only that, but here we can also while studying, get to know the hero, who in immortalized into a statue. And there is a monument "batik", and from here we can find various kinds of "batik".

and of course, free entertainment, from street musicians. So no regrets, during his visit in Yogyakarta, and at night you hang out in the "post office" this yogyakarta.

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