Sunday, 24 February 2013

story Jogja with its Code

if you spend the night to yogyakarta, do not forget to stop by this place "Kali Code". It's a special place, special for young people hang out. This place is never empty as well as other places in Yogyakarta.

hahahahahah, Why do I say special, because almost every 3 times in our week, hanging out here. he is chairman of our group, who always took us hanging out in the "time code". Call it bambang name. He was one of us who like to hang her. Hehehe Not Much Different with me too.

We always go for a walk together to fill the holiday usually. We are in like a true friend heheheh.

Who else bambang, of course there are many more, he was called in the beginning because he was the head of his gang. wkwkwkwkwk. Surely there Si M Muhafid, this kid's formerly rather quiet, but do not know now be nosy, heheehh perhaps than any other factor.

No more M Fauzi, the child can be said of our coolest appearance. In addition there are Yoga Putra, if one child is more mature than her thoughts to others, and always a lot of talk about business. hahahhaha every gang there must be a fat, we also have, let's call him Ibnu, his body fattest among us. heheheh

This is my story, with my fellow comrades while in "Kali code" yogakarta. His usual, just looking for snacks, and playing cards, and the losers in the scribble face heheheh.

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