Sunday, 3 March 2013

Beach, Parangtritis Yogyakarta

Indonesia Travel Information and Travel Guide Bang PW: This trip I was about a year ago where I walk with my cousin. Where is my cousin, being school holidays, so my visit was in overseas as well as to fill the holiday.

My cousin visited me not alone, but he was with my neighbor who is a friend her own age. And they go to Yogyakarta, driving a motorcycle, from ponorogo. Which must he wanted to see the beach in Yogyakarta.

To the next day, the three of us went to "Parangtritis Yogyakarta", for just a vacation and at the same time to have fun, after one semester of receiving lessons in school. Not much that we do at this beach, but swimming at the beach until noon.

So if you, want to yogyakarta do not forget to also visit the beach this Parangtritis, because this resort is no less interesting than the tourist spots located in Yogyakarta.

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